Saturday, August 20, 2005

Balloon Drum Music 5

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This is a work in progress...

I've decreased the volume on the finger piano and increased it on the flutes, and added a new arpeggio:
&obo1.o+1d8h10e8&c1/1. &e5/4. &g3/2. &b7/4.
d4h5o+1&d9/8. &f11/8. &a13/8. &b15/8. o+1&c1/1.h48d0v-10&shift-*.

triggers some initialization code for the oboe sample;
is the duration, 8 clicks, about an 1/8th note before the next note plays;
is the length of the sound of that 1/8th note, sort of a legato articulation;
is a sharp envelope, with a down slope at the end;
and the other note names are the notes to play. The last note,
(up and octave) C is held through the next measure, and shifted from the left to the right channel during the note duration. Lots going on here.

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